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Government & Education

The Jefferson County community holds education for our future generations in high regard. Local government entities diligently strive to enhance local infrastructure, safeguard community assets, and strategically plan for the future.

Outlined below is pertinent information pertaining to both local education and government, including key resources that they offer for the benefit of businesses and individuals alike. If you require additional details or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Madison, Indiana serves as the county seat of Jefferson County, housing approximately 12,000 residents.

Mayor Bob Courtney holds the responsibility for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the local government, managing various departments, and supervising city employees.

The City Council acts as the legislative body and comprises seven members. Among them, one member is elected from each of the five districts, while two members are elected by city residents at large. These council members serve four-year terms, and detailed district maps are accessible on the City's official website.

The role of the Clerk-Treasurer is pivotal in managing the city's budget. The Clerk's office maintains meticulous records of meeting minutes, contracts, and other vital legal documents, in addition to addressing the financial requirements of the city. The Clerk-Treasurer is elected by city residents and serves in four-year terms.


The Jefferson County area is supported by two exceptional public school systems. Madison Consolidated Schools encompass a range of educational facilities, including the Madison Consolidated Preschool, Junior High School, High School, along with Deputy, E.O. Muncie, Lydia Middleton, and Rykers' Ridge Elementary Schools. Meanwhile, the western region of Jefferson County utilizes the Southwestern Schools situated in Hanover.

In addition to these public institutions, the community offers alternative educational choices, including a private and a charter school. The Prince of Peace Catholic Schools, part of the private school system, comprises Pope John Elementary and Shawe Memorial Jr-Sr High School. Moreover, the Canaan Community Academy, a charter school, caters to grades K-6. Families meeting income criteria can also access a free preschool through Ohio Valley Opportunities' Head Start Program.

Furthering educational opportunities, Jefferson County proudly hosts two post-secondary institutions. Hanover

hanover college

College and Ivy Tech Community College serve as pillars of higher education in the area. For those seeking online or on-campus collegiate courses within a 45-to-125-mile radius of Madison, Indiana Wesleyan University providesversatile educational pathways.

Catering to a diverse range of learners, the Jefferson County Public Library, with branches in Hanover and downtown Madison, warmly welcomes individuals of all ages to explore its educational resources and offerings.

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