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  • MCHS Lockout December 3, 2018

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    December 06, 2018
    Madison, IN: Madison Consolidated Schools provides details on December 3, 2018

    On Monday, December 3, 2018 at approximately 10:50 a.m. MCHS received an email communicating
    a potential external threat to administrators at MCHS. School officials immediately initiated a
    lockout protocol at both MCHS and MJHS facilities and with the help of local and state law
    enforcement agencies conducted a campus security sweep. Once law enforcement determined a safe
    exterior perimeter, MCHS students coming from and going to off-campus classes or work-related
    responsibilities were permitted to come and go as they were identified by school personnel and law
    enforcement. Students entering the building were taken to a secure location where their belongings
    were searched before they were granted access to the remainder of the building.

    School Resources Officers have been working closely with local and state law enforcement agencies on
    an active investigation since the incident was reported on Monday. At the time of dismissal on
    Monday afternoon authorities were confident the immediate threat was not credible and normal
    afternoon dismissal and extracurricular activities went on a scheduled. Monday evening families at
    both MCHS and MJHS were notified that both campuses would follow a normal schedule on Tuesday
    with increased security on both campuses as a precaution.

    Law enforcement released the following details on the initial threat and subsequent investigation:

    1. The email threat directed at MCHS administrators is an ongoing investigation.
    2. School resource officers received information which led to an additional, unrelated
    investigation which resulted in the detainment and arrest of an MJHS student on Tuesday,
    December 4, 2018.

    We want to remind everyone about our Anonymous Tip Line. This quick link is available from any of
    our website home pages. It is located under Resources on the landing page of each site. The link
    takes you to a form completed online and once submitted goes directly to our School Resource
    Officers for follow up. 
    We have a great team working together to thoroughly investigate things like this internally and
    externally. As with each new situation, our team comes together to discuss what went well and where
    we can improve within our processes and communication. We continue to urge parents to be engaged
    in the use of technology and their students. Please talk with your family about digital safety - IF YOU

    We appreciate your patience and support as our teams worked through an evolving situation over the
    course of the past few days. Campus safety is something we take very seriously. It takes all of us
    working together to be vigilant and aware of our surroundings and report any suspicious activity.