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  • Madison approves resolution to leave Hoosier Hills Conference

    Madison, IN: Madison Consolidated School Board of Trustees approved a resolution
    during their monthly board meeting announcing an intent to withdraw from the
    Hoosier Hills Conference.
    Resolution 2020 - Withdraw from Hoosier Hills Conference
    February 5, 2020

    Whereas the Board of School Trustees recognize that high school athletics is a vital part of our children’s
    overall educational experience and an important part of our community’s involvement and commitment to
    our schools, it is critical that our athletic programs have an equitable chance to be competitive throughout
    every season.

    As a founding member of the Hoosier Hills Conference (HHC), we have been and will always be proud of our time as a member. However, it has become apparent since 1980 that Madison Consolidated High School has been unable to keep pace with the enrollment gains of member schools. The following data reflects the member schools’ high school enrollment for the fall of 2019: Jef ersonville - 2,033, New Albany - 1,821, Floyd Central - 1,806, Seymour - 1,542, Columbus East - 1,497, Bedford North Lawrence - 1,486, Jennings County - 1,218, and Madison - 863. This disparity in enrollment has resulted in a competitive imbalance that can be reflected in the following overall summary of our results both within the conference as well as in IHSAA Tournament play.

    The purpose of any regular-season schedule is to give a positive experience to all athletes while preparing the varsity athletes for the IHSAA Tournament. The objective of the regular season schedule is to play a
    competitive schedule that allows for a reasonable chance for success while not dominating much smaller
    schools. Such a balance means that a team does not play a school three times as big as them multiple times a season or vice-versa.

    Given the significant difference in enrollments and in competitive balance over the past several years, the
    Board of School Trustees believes that it is time to withdraw from the Hoosier Hills Conference in accordance with the Conference By-laws.

    Therefore, let it be resolved that Madison Consolidated High School will submit to the Hoosier Hills
    Conference its intent to withdraw from the Conference at its earliest convenience in accordance to the
    Conference’s By-laws.

    “This decision was not taken lightly,” states Superintendent, Dr. Jeff Studebaker. “It is my understanding this
    has been a topic of interest and various discussions for a number of years. I feel we have been able to
    implement some things in the last five years to strengthen our position and build upon a strong foundation and this move will allow our student-athletes an opportunity to achieve success while continuing to inspire them to be their very best each day. ”

    “When I arrived three years ago, I quickly realized the passion our coaches have for our student-athletes and their programs,” shared Athletic Director Joe Bronkella. “With the support of our administration and board members, we have been able to make great strides in facilities expansion and improvements, recruit and hire top-notch coaches, gain new student-athletes, as well as, successfully transition athletes to new sports. Our goal is to unite our coaches, athletes, and families in a philosophy built upon hard work, commitment, and passion for competition - all which lead to success. This move will allow us to adapt our schedules to include schools that are larger, as well as, schools more our size instead of being tied to playing all seven schools with much larger enrollments. We feel this move will better align our school to compete against teams that are not only competitive but share a similar, balanced approach to high school athletics programs. Throughout this whole process, I have been fully transparent with our conference schools and hope to continue the strong relationships that I have with each school’s athletic departments. While it is a very tough decision, it appears to be the best decision for our school and our student-athletes. I will definitely have my work cut out for me as we begin to develop our schedules as we start to lose the HHC schools over the next couple of years.”

    Madison was a founding member of the HHC, joining in 1972. Historical data reviewed since 1980 shows only 16 overall Conference Championships over the last 40 years for Madison boys athletics. Most recent
    accomplishments include football in 1989, basketball in 1998, and golf in 2017.

    The Lady Cubs, during the same time period, won 20 overall Conference Championships with most recent
    success coming in softball in 1997, and golf in 2014. The Lady Cubs have never had a conference championship in basketball or volleyball.

    Over the last few years, state-level success has become more frequent for Cubs athletes. Since Fall 2017, boys IHSAA Champions have included 2 Sectional Championships. Boys Golf in 2018 with a State Qualifier and a 2nd place finish in the HHC. In 2019, Boys Soccer was the Sectional Champion and finished tournament play as Regional Runner-Up. The Cubs finished the season in 6th place in the HHC.

    Since 2017, the Lady Cubs also have 2 Sectional Championships. Lady Cubs Volleyball were Sectional
    Champions in 2017, finishing 4th in the HHC. Lady Cubs Golf won the Sectional Championship in 2019 and
    finished 4th overall in the HHC.

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