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  • Canaan Cougar Hits Target At World Tournament

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    July 29, 2019

    Canaan Cougar Jeremiah Lengerich hit the target Saturday July 27 at the NASP World Tournament held in Nashville, Tennessee. The Tournament had 5000 youth competing with Lengerich being the only elementary student from Jefferson County to compete at the world tournament. Lengerich was accompanied by an enthusiastic Cougar Cheer Squad. His mother, Megan Lengrich cheered, "Aim Small Miss Small!" 
    The format for the world tournament is the same as the state and national qualifiers. Legerich got five practice arrows, followed by 15 scored arrows. Archers use the same Genesis bows and Easton arrows customarily used at all NASP tournament focusing the competition on skill not who can afford the best equipment. The archers also shot bare bow style: without accessories such as sights, stabilizers, and release aids. The Cougar Archers are coached by Jay Mullins and Lara Dempler. Canaan Community Academy C.A.O., Rhonda Pennington stated, "We are very proud of Jerimiah's hard work; supporting him on and off the range in everything he chooses to do. Aim High Jerimiah!"
    Lengerich shot a 277 at the National NASP tournament to earn a spot to compete at the World Tournament. Lengerich worked hard and continued practicing;which paid off at the World Tournament where he scored a 288. He was excited to shoot his highest score ever at the 2019 NASP World Tournament. This earned him Fifth Place at the NASP World Tournament.  Coach Dempler shared, "Way to go Jerimiah! We are so proud of your determination and hard work you put into practice to get you on the stage at the NASP World Tournament. 

    Rhonda Pennington, Chief Academic Officer
    (812) 839-0003

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