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  • Director of Human Resources & Deputy Title IX Coordinator

    Posted: 04/28/2021

    Job Summary: The Director of Human Resources & Deputy Title IX Coordinator is responsible for the development and administration of a comprehensive human resources operational program that includes but is not limited to employee training, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, recruitment, compensation, benefits, staff professional development, and employee relations. This position recommends, plans, and carries out policies relating to all phases of human resources activity.
    Essential Functions:

    • Development and coordination of employee training programs including diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    • Is a permanent member on the Committee on Equity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education
      • Works with others across campus to identify external trends and works toward best practices which will increase diversity among the workforce 
    • Collaborates with Title IX Coordinator to create training programs for students, employees, and investigative hearing boards.  Investigates and coordinates the hearing board process for cases involving employees, employees-students, and/or vendors.
    • Collaborates with the Chief of Staff to help facilitate employee engagement opportunities.
    • Communicates with appropriate personnel on college policy regarding equal employment opportunities, recruiting, appraisals, discipline, termination, and employee benefits.
    • Collaborates with the Associate VP for Finance & Administration in reviewing current salary/wage budget line items, prepares staff raise letters with appropriate signature, and coordinates updated salary and wage figures with payroll.
    • Performs administrative duties associated with human resources including, but not limited to:
      • Coordinating and tracking the periodic performance review process;
      • Maintaining and updating the human resource policies using the policy management system and ensuring communication of updates to campus;
      • Preparing and overseeing preparation of employee summary annual reports for distribution;
      • Participating in national, state, and local wage and benefits surveys on behalf of the college;
      • Utilizing applicable human resources data to assist in preparation and to analyze and maintain records required by federal or state government (e.g., retirement plan discrimination testing, IPEDS, and similar data);
      • Prepares federal and state reports and forms (e.g., Form 5500s, IPEDS, and similar reports);
      • Oversees preparation of employee separation letters, and/or related documentation; and
      • Conducts exit interviews, as appropriate.
    • Manages, coordinates, and monitors the college’s recruitment process using diverse, equitable, and inclusive tools to assist in removing bias throughout the application process.
      • Reviews updated job descriptions, makes recommendations to department heads in formulating new job descriptions, and performs all compensation/classification policy requirements including rating new/revised descriptions and policy maintenance keeping diversity, equity, and inclusion in the forefront;
    • With assistance, recruits new employees, which entails contacting applicable local, regional, national media, to fill vacant positions, reviews proposed vacancy notices for adherence to applicable employment laws.  Works with hiring managers to help create advertising that appeals to diverse applicants and removes bias
      • Meets or otherwise communicates with prospective employees to explain the college’s benefits package if the payroll coordinator is unavailable.
    • Reviews, corrects as necessary, and maintains insured benefit contracts with the Independent Colleges of Indiana Benefit Consortium; keeps record of insurance coverage; forwards information on specific employees as pertains to (e.g., retirement plan, and personnel transactions such as hires, promotions, transfers, performance reviews, terminations, etc.).
    • Reviews employee tuition remission and tuition exchange requests for compliance with college policy.
    • Studies legislation and national, regional, state, and local association information bulletins to assess human resources industry and legal trends.
    • Participates in college strategic planning, goal setting, and assessments.  Prepares budget of human resources operations; reviews monthly printouts from the Business Office for accuracy.
    • Works with the Payroll Coordinator to set goals and prioritize duties.  Oversees the work of the coordinator including, but not limited to:
      • Timely processing, billing, payment, open enrollment, etc. of all components in the college’s voluntary and mandatory benefit plans;
      • Coordinating and conducting periodic education and informational meetings relating to fringe benefits (e.g. medical benefits, retirement plan);
      • Distribution of  benefit publication(s), booklet(s), etc.;
      • Overseeing preparation of FMLA leave notices; and
      • Filing all worker’s compensation paperwork and timely completion of OSHA Survey of Occupational Illnesses and Injuries report on an annual basis.
    • Coordinates with new employees that require work sponsorship (F1, H1-B, etc.).
    • Participates on cross-functional committees made up of faculty and staff.
     Other Responsibilities:
    • Performs related tasks and duties as assigned or as required.
    Job Qualifications:
    Education required:    Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or a closely related field.                                                          Master’s degree in Human Resources or Management preferred.
    Experience required:    A minimum of seven years of successful and progressive work experience in the                                     human resources area.  Experience in a college or university setting preferred.
    Certifications:                PHR or SPHR certification preferred.