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    This form allows you to choose the renewal membership level that best fits your business! Please take the time to review the benefits, pricing, and sponsorship guide available at https://www.madisonindiana.com/chamber before filling out the form. Please note that (at this time) you are not able to make an electronic payment via this form and benefits are not considered active beyond your renewal date until payment is secured.
    Please select your level of membership for 2019: *
    Please review benefits and pricing at www.madisonindiana.com/chamber. *Discounts available for nonprofits with fewer than 5 employees. *Discounts available for school corporations, government entities, and libraries.
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    Please review sponsorship guide at www.madisonindiana.com/chamber.
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    Our capitol improvements fund helps us to improve our building, including our conference room, bathrooms, and other facilities that are available for use by our members and the public. These funds are specifically set aside for building improvements.
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    If neither option works for your business, please contact the Chamber office to make other arrangements.
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