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  • The moving process can be very difficult and stressful. However, most of us have gone through it at least one time in our lives. Therefore, we should always know what to do and how to make the whole process easier, for us and our family. Before we even start packing, we should organize, make plans and checklists. So, today, we will talk about moving tips! The things you should think about and be aware of when the relocation process is in question! Let's start!

    Moving Tips

    People usually relocate because their job requires it, because they have found a better place to live or because they want to start a new life with their partner. The most important thing, in order to go through the moving process more easily, is to find a good and reliable moving company. If you are not sure which company to choose, check on verifiedmovers.com or give them a call! A professional mover will also give you moving tips to help you relocate without any problems.

    In order to make your move easier and stressless, it's highly recommended to follow these moving tips:

    • Find moving boxes and packing materials
    • Have a garage/yard sale
    • Hire a reliable moving company
    • Take pictures of your belongings before packing
    • Get friends to help!
    • Proper labeling!
    • Pick the right size of a moving truck
    • Choose off-peak days
    • Pack an essentials box

    Find moving boxes and packing materials

    It's not possible to prepare for the moving process if you don't have moving boxes and packing materials!  Therefore, this is one of the most important moving tips! If you decide to hire a professional moving company, they will provide boxes and packing materials. However, if you decide to relocate by yourself, you will have to buy or find boxes and packing materials yourself. If you want to save some money, ask for free cardboard boxes in the stores near you.

    Moving tips - Get free cardboard boxes from your local store!

    You will need plenty of boxes and packing materials for your move!

    Moving Tips - Garage/Yard Sale

    This is the best time to get rid of some items we are not using anymore. Declutter every room separately! You can donate bulky or heavy items that you are not planning to take with you. Also, you can give items that are in good condition to your friends, family, neighbors or coworkers. However, if you are planning to make some money, you can always organize a garage or yard sale. Getting some money will help before you find out what it is like to live and work in Madison, Indiana!

    Hire a Reliable Moving Company

    Search through the internet or ask your friends for a good moving company. In order to find a good and suitable moving company, you will need some time. Therefore, you should start searching for a mover at least two months before the move. Check several moving companies’ sites or give them a call. In the end, you will decide which one has the best prices and the services that you need. Every professional moving company has a license, well-trained workers and years of experience in the moving industry. They are offering a lot of moving services and some of those are:

    • Packing and Unpacking
    • A wide pool of moving trucks
    • Safety and Insurance
    • Storage Units
    • Special Services (moving bulky and heavy items such as piano or home safe, etc.)

    Professionals. Meeting. Handshake.

    Avoid stress! Hire a professional mover! They will pack and relocate your belongings safely and fast!

    Take Pictures of your Belongings before packing

    You should definitely take pictures of everything you have before you pack and load it into a moving truck. Whether you are hiring a professional mover or going through the moving process by yourself, it's highly recommended to get some moving insurance, too. If you have proof that your items were not broken or damaged before packing, a professional mover will be obligated to repair the damaged items or to give you a refund for those items.

    Moving Tips - Get Friends to Help!

    Everything is easier with friends around, right? If you can't go through the relocation by yourself, ask your friends for help! However, you should let them know that you will need help at least a few weeks before the move and give them time to organize! Don't forget to get enough snacks and refreshments for your friends! Also, get a radio, everything is easier with music! You might also ask your friends to visit you after the move and take them to one or more lovely Madison Events! Enjoy spending your time with friends and family!

    Proper Labeling!

    Don't forget to buy paper labels and markers before you start packing! When you pack a box, write what that box contains! This will let movers know which boxes contain fragile items so they will load them into a moving truck properly! On the other hand, it will be easier for you to find the things you are searching for when you get to your new destination.

    Pick the right Size of a Moving Truck

    Professional movers won't make a mistake here! They will send their workers to inspect your home before the move, so they will definitely send the right moving truck for you. However, if you are relocating by yourself, figure out what size of a moving truck you will need in advance. Nobody wants to move back and forth a couple of times, right? It will take a lot of time and it will cost more. So, think about this!

    Big, white, moving truck.

    Choose the proper size of a moving truck. Picking a smaller one will cost more because you will have to move back and forth several times.

    Choose Off-peak Days - Moving Tips

    Whether you are hiring a professional mover or just renting a moving truck, in order to save up some money, you should choose off-peak days for your move. Therefore, you should avoid days when the moving company is in high demand. Off-peak days are usually weekdays, mid-month days or winter season!

    Pack an Essentials Box

    Don't forget about this precious box because you will need it! Pack one essentials box for each member of your family. This box should contain everything that you or your family members are using regularly, on a daily basis. The essentials box should contain an extra pair of clothes, pajamas, toothbrush and paste, hygiene products, glasses, medications, etc. Don't forget to pack your children's toys, too! Also, think about the education for your children in Madison, Indiana!

    Pack one essentials box for the whole family that should contain blankets, sheets, and pillows! A good night of sleep after the move is very important because tomorrow is a new day and unpacking is waiting for you!

    Those were the most important moving tips! Hopefully, you will find them useful and they will make your moving process easier and faster! We wish you all the luck and a happy new life wherever you move!

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