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  • Important Beneficiary News

    Important Beneficiary News
        Steve Dybwad

    Do you know who the designated beneficiary is for your
    annuity, life insurance policy or IRA?

    Time and changing circumstances often require a change in beneficiaries or in the way
    assets are distributed to heirs. Remarriage, divorce, the birth of grandchildren, estrangement,
    and other common familial transitions should trigger a review of the beneficiaries listed on
    your assets.

    Many courts will award assets to the name listed on the most recent beneficiary
    form, even if your will or living trust designates a different heir. Make sure your assets will be
    distributed according to your wishes by designating a beneficiary using the form supplied by
    each account or policy provider. Then, Make the Right Choice in Selecting a

    The most fiscally sound inheritance strategy will differ depending on your relationship to
    each beneficiary. Joint ownership with a spouse can help certain assets avoid probate
    so they can be immediately available. Setting up a trust for younger beneficiaries can
    help avoid serious tax consequences and protect your assets so that they can do the
    most good for your heirs.

    Rules for passing on IRA assets can be complicated. Reviewing your estate plan
    annually will ensure that your assets are correctly distributed to your desired heirs after
    your passing. This can serve to protect your beneficiaries from avoidable negative tax

    Wishing you and your loved ones continued good health. Please feel free to call or reply
    with any questions you might have. All The Best!

    Steve Dybwad is a member of Syndicated Columnists, a national organization
    committed to a fully transparent approach to money management. 

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