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  • Association and Business Management: COVID-19 and Human Resources

    Article written and provided by GrowthZone

    The Center for Disease Control recently shared interim strategies for employers to use to manage the COVID-19 impact on their businesses.

    We have included some of the suggestions below. Please visit the CDC website for the full article.

    • Actively encourage sick employees to stay home:
      • Employees who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness are recommended to stay home.
      • Ensure that your sick leave policies are flexible and consistent with public health guidance and that employees are aware of these policies.
      • Do not require a healthcare provider’s note for employees who are sick with acute respiratory illness to validate their illness or to return to work.
      • Maintain flexible policies that permit employees to stay home to care for a sick family member.
    • Separate sick employees:
      • Employees who appear to have acute respiratory illness symptoms (i.e. cough, shortness of breath) upon arrival to work or become sick during the day should be separated from other employees and sent home immediately.
    • Emphasize staying home when sick, respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene by all employees:
      • Place posters that encourage staying home when sick, cough and sneeze etiquette, and hand hygiene in workplace areas where they are likely to be seen.
      • Provide tissues and no-touch disposal receptacles for use by employees.
      • Instruct employees to clean their hands often.
      • Provide soap and water and alcohol-based hand rubs in the workplace. Ensure that adequate supplies are maintained and available in multiple locations.
    • Perform routine environmental cleaning:
      • Routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, and doorknobs.
      • Provide disposable wipes so that commonly used surfaces (for example, doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, desks) can be wiped down by employees before each use.
    • Additional Measures in Response to Currently Occurring Sporadic Importations of the COVID-19:
      • Employees who are well but who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 should notify their supervisor and refer to CDC guidance for how to conduct a risk assessment of their potential exposure.
      • If an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, employers should inform fellow employees of their possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace but maintain confidentiality as required by ADA.

    This article is informational only and should not be construed as professional legal or medical advice. Official recommendations are available through the CDC.


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