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  • 5 Reasons to Attend a Ribbon Cutting

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    Ribbon cuttings not only allow us to celebrate new businesses in our community but can also benefit each guest who attends. Here are five reasons you should make time for the next ribbon cutting event in your area:


    1. Networking Opportunity

           Sometimes spending time in the office can become a little too much, so why not break up your day by attending a networking event? Ribbon cuttings provide a setting for socializing while at the same time benefiting your career. Ribbon cuttings are intimate events where guests have the opportunity to get to know people easier while also getting their business out there.


    2. Free Food

        Ribbon cuttings are free to attend and this entrance almost always leads to access to free food. Some ribbon cuttings even offer giveaways or product discounts. Who doesn’t like free stuff?


    3. Learning Opportunity

    Ribbon cuttings allow you to stay up to date with trends. You’ll be in a room with people from different businesses allowing you to learn what's been happening recently--think about the future trends, challenges, and solutions. You can leave the ribbon cutting feeling motivated and inspired with new ideas.


    4. Stay Involved with the Community

        Attending a ribbon cutting means you’ll be among the first people to experience a new addition to the community. You’ll not only be in the know but also be supporting your neighbor while you’re at it! It can mean a lot to the business owner that you took time to congratulate them and you will more than likely make a connection from the gesture.  


    5. Feel Good

        Attending a ribbon cuttings means celebrating. You will celebrate the hard work this business put into opening and welcome the business into the community. Expect to leave the event with good energy and excitement for the future!


    Now that you know the benefits of attending a ribbon cutting we encourage you to attend one (or two, or three). The next few weeks are full of celebrating business in Madison.



    Malone Staffing Solutions | July 28 | 12:00pm | 104 Miles Ridge Rd

    Ribbon cutting for Malone Staffing Solutions as they move into their new location. Malone is one of the leading temp agencies in Madison, helping with light industrial recruitment and any staffing challenge.


    Fountain Building | July 28 | 4:00pm | 402 West Main St.

    Ribbon cutting for the Fountain Building, Etiquette Enrichment and Bridging the Gap. This event will be followed by an open house with refreshments and a tour of the house and guest suite, which is used for clients and classes.

    Geneva Financial | August 2 | 12:00pm | 975 Industrial Drive # 8 VOBC

    Ribbon cutting for Geneva Financial.

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